29 октября 2018 года | Klay Thompson UNREAL NBA RECORD 14 Threes! Золотые воины штата против Чикагских быков – 52 очка в 3 кварталах! FreeDawkins – NBA Video '
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41 Replies to “Klay Thompson UNREAL NBA RECORD 14 Threes! 2018.10.29 против Быков – 52 очка в 3 кварталах!”

  1. When he is on fire like this his shot is so perfect it makes the rim and backboard look like a video game glitch- like that half a sec lag you see the ball flying and then next thing you know it's already through the hoop and bouncing on the floor- basically like his last shot in this vid clip.

  2. Fear the headband, the headband probably gives you the power to see in the future or some shit. People who wear headbands be killing niggas on the basketball court. Headband Klay probably the best shooter alive imo.

  3. 17 shot of 3 points comes from Philippines.. 14 is only from NBA.
    Even klay thompson and Stephen curry is nothing for Allan Caidic a basketball Philippines player No ONE BEAT THE RECORDS OF ALLAN CAIDIC OF Philippines basketball player played in 1991.

  4. I seriously don't know about this. Warriors are getting away with everything in this game. I saw in this replay at least four shots that shouldn't have counted because of OBVIOUS illegal screens. Especially when refs have been calling fouls in every other game BUT this one. I thought the league was supposed to be cleaning this crap up. I'm sorry but no where in the world are you allowed to grab guys (0:37) as you're setting a screen, Draymond! Thompson's first three shouldn't have counted. He's freaking holding the defender! You can't do that. Curry on a couple of occasions (3:15) continues to back the defender out of the play with his rear end as he's trying to fight over the screen. That's a moving screen which is illegal and it's so ridiculously obvious. You're not supposed to move Curry! Sorry Mr. Silver but if you want me to take this league seriously then you need to apply these rules across the board. Warriors seem to be able to get away with not following what the league is trying to do.

  5. So it's Klay Thompson VS the other team. Okayy. Curry can break this at will anytime he wants. I hate this style of 1 dimensional play I really do.

    It's so predictable and empty. Put a hand up there do not let him take these shots uncontested. I'd like to see him pull this on the Spurs.

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