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36 Replies to “#GreenNewDeal, чтобы вернуть наше будущее с Кейт Аронофф – MR Live – 2/7/19”

  1. I don't get why you're so mad at NPR for asking basic questions. The cut you just said the conversation hasn't been and this gives her a perfect chance to lay out the basics. A new way for many people to begin to think about what we do as a nation and a government. You guys are steeped in this stuff. Of course it's basic to you. I'm interested in this stuff, and I still don't have the language to backup my positions. Hearing her talk, helps me make sense of what's actually going on and what the good arguments are.

  2. Some New York problems are almost a luxury elsewhere. Ever been to Atlanta where MARTA has relatively high riderships (higher rail ridership than LA which honestly may not be saying much), but yet has to perform with basically no funding versus peer cities. The only transportation system in the south that has any potential to be good or great is virtually undermined by a few people with very bad ideas and apathy.

  3. Left is best, but I think your guest, Kate Aronoff is fundamentally naive and exemplifies every caricature of the left by the right. A federal jobs guarantee to "hang out with old people?" What?

  4. It’s stunning that ppl are unwilling to give the working and middle class purchasing power. Best economy we ever had both those classes had enormous purchasing power. Higher wages and investment was proven to work by FDR. GND would absolutely skyrocket the economy. We have an almost exclusively consumer economy yet 80% of the population lives paycheck to paycheck. Un-fucking-believable.

  5. When Brooksy says "I am not concerned about government debt" he still says it like it is a negative thing. It is not. Federal deficit is literally private sector surplus. It's a good thing. Household debt is what is truly bad, and the surest way to increase household debt is for the government to run a surplus. Because then people have to get credit money from bank loans to survive, or become exporters with trade surplus. Banks loans just enrich the bankers. Households in general cannot become net exporters. So the ONLY way to run a monetary economy is through government deficit spending into private sector surplus.

  6. NPR bullied AOC into a fallacy. Deficit spending is not borrowing money. Who is the government borrowing it from? The government creates money and does not need to take out bank loans. The government does not in fact take out bank loans. So what the NPR person said was illogical and the wrong framing for AOC. Whether the Federal reserve holds the money or the Treasury is irrelevant. When it increments accounts of firms or federal workers it is surplus being put into the economy. That's what pays for things.

  7. Gee, you get $6 back in tax revenue for every $1 you deficit spend? ……that's obviously ridiculous. Even if you got $1 back for every $1 spent then all governments worldwide would simply deficit spend to their heart's content and never increase their national debts by doing so.

    Of course deficit spending that puts money in the hands of the average person will cause a greater increase in GDP than would a tax cut for the wealthy who have a much lower marginal propensity to consume and that type of deficit spending would also return more in tax revenue to the govt. but neither action will "pay for itself".

  8. I am massively in favour of changing to a green economy. Once the infrastructure is established we will be in a far better place and as explained the construction will stimulate the labour force and lower and middle classes. My question is how to control the inevitable war drums from industry and multinational companies. There will be a monumental scare compaign as we experienced here in Aus when we tried to bring in a carbon pricing system. There were ad campaign after ad campaign about how the tax will be passed on to us.

  9. I find it absurd that you are abdicating any personal responsibility for reducing meat consumption and having children based on the fact that some people use it as means to oppose any systematic social change to wealth distribution or whatever self serving purpose to maintain the status quo. Animal Agriculture is one the biggest emitter of green house gases and that will not change if we go to a more racial, class, and environmental conscious economic and political system tomorrow. Outlawing factory farming going to a more "sustainable" way to produce meat will not reduce people's desire to eat meat or meet the current demands of meat consumption in the US. There must be a huge cultural shift to a plant based diet and stigmatizing eating excessive meat. I dont find telling someone to taking personal responsibility to find a job as the same as advocating for a change in their diet, recycling, or making environmentally better choices. It not a either or proposition by not taking some steps in your own live to reduce your carbon footprint it hard to justify making structural changes to our economic and political systems.

  10. The fact that we are going through the most intense cold weather of our generation, does not imply that global warming is not real. Since the Earth was formed, it has gone through several significant climatic changes. The difference today is that gases such as Carbon Dioxide, Methane and Nitrous Oxide, among others, produce the greenhouse effect that facilitates and accelerates these changes. These gases are secondary products of industrialization, and before we destroy the planet we must take it seriously and assume the responsibility that corresponds to us.

  11. Amy Klobuchar is a moderate Democrat with no charisma. She wins Minnesota by huge margins because Republicans vote for her. She's the opposite of what we need as a Dem candidate and is far more valuable as a perennial senator. I have no clue why she would run for president.

  12. 1:54:38 I love hearing from libertarians and IDW fans who got persuaded by MR crew

    Youtube appears hopelessly dominated by the reactionaries, who know how to game the algorithm. Click the like button, and give MR a little help at pushing back.

  13. AOC……is like mashed potatoes………………..really soft…….not much texture……..and really bland without toppings…………………..you guys better eat while the dish is hot…………once cold…..inedible.

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