БЕСПЛАТНОЕ СОЛО, потрясающий, интимный и непоколебимый портрет свободного альпиниста-вокалиста Алекса Хоннольда, от знаменитого режиссера-документалиста Э. Чая Васархели и всемирно известного фотографа и альпиниста Джимми Чина, готовящегося осуществить свою мечту на всю жизнь: восхождение по лицу самого известного в мире камня … 3200 футов Эль-Капитан в национальном парке Йосемити … без веревки.

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Free Solo – Трейлер | Национальная география

Национальная география

28 Replies to “Free Solo – Трейлер | Национальная география”

  1. I watched the movie and just bought the DVD. I will put it somewhere where I can always see it and when I get angry or annoyed with any on my day to day small problems/issue I will look at it.

  2. His poor girlfriend seems simple but nice and certainly beautiful. And she has ZERO clue that this guy will NEVER commit emotionally to anything but those cliff faces.

  3. "Free Solo" binds us together as human species and shows what we, as individuals, are capable of, as apposed to the collective "politically correct" Marxist hive mind. Deservedly so, this documentary won the Oscar. Much respect and congratualations to Alex and his film crew.

  4. This is no humble-brag. Watching Oscar winner “Free Solo” tonight (finally!) about Alex Honnold’s insane “no ropes, mom!” climbing of Yosemite’s El Capitan—a 3,300-foot slab of granite—reminded me of how I almost never made it past 2003. It was on the Cullin Hills, a range of craggy rock located on the Isle of Skye in Scotland, where as a cocky and somewhat naive amateur I free-solo climbed by myself (scrambling without protection) and nearly lost my footing and fell to my death. Lesson: Leave it to the pros. Alex’s near 4-hour climb is the most impressive human achievement I’ve heard about, let alone witness on a large theater screen.

  5. Could a climber explain how difficult this is? I need a comparison of this to another sport or endeavor. Sorry, I don't climb, and those professional climbers didn't really explain well in the documentary.

  6. I got to see this on the big screen last night and it changed my life. My brother and I were sitting at the bottom of the theatre and it made the experience even better. Watch this on the big screen if you can.

  7. Waited for March and watched on NG for free. Glad I didn’t pay specifically for this mediocre documentary. “Like..like..like..like..like”.. Verbal pause much. Great athleticism! Great visually! Would have been better if this documentary was narrated , and by anyone born before 1980.

  8. I've seen countless interviews of him talking post-climb. I've seen him climb El Cap and make it to the top, yet, every time I watch, I'm sitting there holding my breath… This is the greatest mental/physical achievement of mankind.

  9. That mountain is EI Captain , also my wallpaper on MacBook. Never paid any attention to it before. After watching the documentary, feel more energetic when dealing with something difficult.

  10. Just watched this beautiful film and what I cannot understand is why the filmmaker decided that we all had to be subjected to Alex's stupid girlfriend. This wasn't about her AT ALL and yet she made it so and we all had to watch. It was painful. I kept yelling at the TV for her to shut the fword up and go find a different boyfriend who already lives in a house instead of proving that she can neuter and housebreak this one, so the rest of us could all focus on his climb of El Cap. Even when Alex achieves his incredible goal and reaches the top alive, instead of just getting to hear his reflections on the journey to this point and the climb that day and watching him celebrate with the people who were there waiting for him and supporting his climb, we had to listen to THE GIRLFRIEND crying over Alex's cell phone, because she just had to call him as soon as he got up there? Ugh. What a stupid cling-on girlfriend. The filmmaker could have spared us all of that stupid relationship drama. This film really made me hate that girl – and I am someone's girlfriend.

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