Я подавлен о моем кредитном рейтинге.

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28 Replies to “Я подавлен о моем кредитном рейтинге.”

  1. after hearing so much stupid answers I am wonder how could this man is sitting here as a financial advisor for so long? He’s hosting the show for what? Ruining audiences’ life?

  2. So he was injured in combat, and he has to pay for his medical bills? They sent a disabled veteran's medical debt to collections? Am I understanding the correctly? Are you serious?

  3. I have a friend whos credit score is 630. He started a business, llc and ein and opened a business bank account with 3k. They gave him a business credit card with a 5k limit same day.

    I dont know what his business credit score is, but I know it was higher than 630 day one.

    It is possible to circumvent the credit system with corporate entities.

  4. Dave always dropping truth bombs! Thanks for all your insights, my wife and I are debt free because of you! In our newest video we talk about pursuing your dreams. Keep up the great work!

  5. Write your local Congress person, give them a bullet point list of what is happening (explain it in as simple of terms as possible). They should be able to navigate the VA & Treasury to help you.

  6. Medical bills shouldn’t be counted against ones credit score. It’s not like you’ve taken a loan out to manage your health. Medical bills negating ones credit should be against the law! Credit should be supported by how well CREDIT is managed. The advice given here is awful! Sell his house?!! Sheesh!

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