Тим Гудгин зачитывает итоговые результаты и делает большую ошибку в начале. Какое начало! ,

27 Replies to “Финальный счет Blooper”

  1. @HitMeQuick Oh I see. Hopelessly flawed argument is in tatters so we start with a personal attack! I suppose you think us Northern folk all work in mills, walk whippets on leads, wear flat caps and smoke roll ups, have outside toilets and keep coal in the bath. Incidentally I've just noticed I'm not the only one to incur your wrath – obviously this is someting that troubles you deeply. Get a life.

  2. @DaveJP1973 Dave I think it's time you went to bed. You are over excited. There are sports pages waiting for you to devour in the morning. Also you might want to pick up a copy of the Financial Times for a fuller picture of what's happening with forthcoming takeovers, acquisitions and mergers(or transfers as I think you know them). Then when you've done that it'll be time to beat the wife! Good night Dave. Sleep tight.

  3. @HitMeQuick David Bentley – £17m Luka Modric £16.5m Darren Bent £16.5m Robbie Keane £16m Jermain Defoe £15m Roman Pavlyuchenko £14m Wilson Palacios £12m Sergei Rebrov £11m Dimitar Berbatov £10m
    Not to mention Emmanuel Adebayor – on loan and City are paying his wages! And now they want Tevez as well!!
    Please tell me how on that basis, you think Spurs are morally any better than City – those signings are all made with WHL holding only 36,000 – so WHERE'S ALL THAT MONEY COME FROM??

  4. @HitMeQuick No – totally disagree. 1 – I am perfectly happy with what's happening at City, I will gloat, I will enjoy my team that I have followed for 30 years being top of the league after years of crap – and I will also revel in the fact it clearly winds you up and millions of bitter fans like you. I'll take you back to 1988 then, Spurs buying City's only asset, Paul Stewart for £1.7m. Because they COULD. Now tell me what's the difference, apart from the numbers? None whatsoever. Get over it.

  5. @DaveJP1973 Nah not really Dave. I don't get consumed by it in the way you do. There are far better and more interesting reasons for following a club than sheer one-upmanship and I'm certainly fine with the 1-5 reverse against City because, like the 1-6 both were purchased, not earnt. By all means gloat away but you've taken the short cut and as such your victories are hollow.

  6. @HitMeQuick Why does anyone support ANY team? In the hope of being the greatest and therefore being able to lord it over everyone else. You're clearly very jealous, from your opening comment I'm guessing you're a Spurs fan – if so you must have been relieved that at 1-5, you are not City's biggest victims this season after Sunday's annihilation at The Old Trafford Open Sewer.

  7. @DaveJP1973 Dave calm down dear, it's just a bit of banter. You yourself tolerated mediocrity for years, you just said so. By all means enjoy the success you have bought and taunt the teams below you if it helps. This is what people with sudden, undeserved windfalls do, like lotto louts or the Beckhams. But let's not pretend it's anything to be proud of, it is just pure good fortune.

    I can see already the money has changed you Dave. Shame on you.

  8. @HitMeQuick How is making yourself better cheating? Real Madrid when they bought the Galacticos, was that cheating? When Blackburn Rovers signed Shearer and won the league in 95, was that cheating? I tell you what was cheating – Manchester City getting regular crowds of 30,000 plus in the 90's and being rewarded with 3rd Division football. I have been all over the country watching City play AND lose at York, Lincoln, Darlington… etc – we deserve success and I'm sorry it's making you so BITTER!

  9. @HitMeQuick Absolute bollocks. If you want to tolerate mediocrity then that's your business, don't inflict it on me. Tevez? Couldn't care less. Whatever happens it will be to City's advantage. Swap for Wesley Sneijder plus £10m, whatever. I'm really flattered that I make you sick actually. Your bitterness and jealousy is clearly leaking from every pore and I hope it's making your life a misery. So far removed from football ? Who is top of the league ? Who, my boy, who?

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