Хакерская группа «Необычные медведи» утекла свою четвертую партию результатов испытаний на наркотики Всемирного антидопингового агентства – для некоторых из ведущих мировых спортивных звезд. В медицинских данных ВАДА указаны имена спортсменов, которым было разрешено принимать запрещенные вещества. У RT Nadira Tudor есть больше.

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32 Replies to “Утечка WADA: Рафаэль Надаль, Мо Фара среди спортивных значков, выставленных в списке результатов”

  1. so many different doping systems and techniques….many ways to hide n flush….should just legalize the whole thing…
    who really cares..armstrong broke our hearts…anyways….

  2. Nadal smells and grunts more worse than a pig. I mean for real. Tried to watch his tennis playing up close in person and his stench and pig sounds were unbearable. No offense

  3. This organization is responsible to carry its agenda (political) regardless if it means destroying athletes careers or covering up those who are endorsed by millions of dollars, hypocrites….

  4. Damn!!! I haven't heard one white on the the report.u can't be 33 more and with a big dick.til the end nothing will change so get used being past nothing as always nothing new under the sun

  5. All cheating fuckers lance armstrong considering he is a bell end has exposed them all ! 9 french opens is a total fuckin given for a cheat and farah was shit for years gets old and becomed virtualy unbeatable total joke

  6. It is a list of the chosen. it is all about the money. Rip off the consumer.Hear we thought the William sister were the best. But they are using a band substances. They should just let everyone take what ever. It is becoming a joke. I wounder if any third string players were given exemptions……

  7. AMERICA = cheat legally by dictating to WADA and getting its so called athletes legal prescriptions to cheat. cover up for those who test positive.

  8. certain athletes are definitely "protected"…other "lesser" sport players are just "thrown under the bus" to give the sport credibility, as if to say "see,,,the top guys really are "clean and the sport is clean because see,,,we have caught these dopers"…but really they are just "fall guys" and probably get paid off.

  9. I'm sorry, but no. If something is banned because it gives a competitive edge, but you need it for 'medical reasons' than you should NOT be permitted to compete. That's the way sport works. That's the way "sportsmanship" works. The playing field is level for all or none.

    Even if these are legit medical reasons, as a sportsman, you should be 100% fine with it because you realize it's no longer sporting for you.

  10. Ridiculous this would mean you have to have the right illness to become world champion. Being perfectly healthy and fit is not good enough.
    That of course is only if things are handled as they pretend. Which is most likely only a twist on truth.

  11. I mean, if somebody has a medical condition that they need a drug for, that is different from performance enhancement. That's why the exemption exists. If there was abuse in the exemption system allowing people to use drugs without medical cause, that would be news.

  12. This New Years Eve, I will be raising a glass to hackers of the world. Cheers to Wikileaks, DC leaks, Fancy Bears and all the other hackers who work tirelessly to shine a light on all the hypocricy and corruption of those who seek to enslave and destroy humanity !

  13. But WADA keep records of substances taken by black athletes mainly ! They refrain from making records of use by most white athletes. So isn't anyone suspicious about almost superhuman performances by whites, mainly women, during London olympics?
    Yet another example of lying cheating western countries.

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