Аналитик Джей Рейес о самых крупных победителях и проигравших после Крайнего срока торговли НБА в 2019 году.

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2 Replies to “Счет: победители и проигравшие в крайнем сроке торговли в НБА”

  1. it's Team's future vs Player's future.
    An NBA Team wont give up a big player to a big NBA team especially if it is a threat to their campaign. That's why player controlling his new NBA Team is too impossible.
    Look at Dirk's career for a second.
    This guy is so skilled and talented but remains at Mavs until he got the ring.
    LJ screwed NBA with his kapit sa malakas scheme, so coward move for a "KING" king ina mo!!!

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