Клаудио Каниджия дважды забил в этом памятном матче между аргентинцами и нигерийцами, которые снова встретятся на чемпионате мира по футболу 2014 года.

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Подробнее о Чемпионате мира по футболу 1994 года ™:

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36 Replies to “Основные моменты Кубка мира: Аргентина – Нигерия, США 1994”

  1. what a combination,,cannigia and maradona,,, loved them both,,, cant forget them from 1990,,,,,,, no matter where ever it goes,, maradona will remain the worlds best player,,,,,my child hood love team argentina,, I am 40 now and each time i stop watching wc when argentina exits,,,,,love from pakistan

  2. Ah, Maradona.

    Technically, all he did was a simple lay off and a pass to an open man for those two goals. But he managed to make a minor piece of art out of each, just due to his poise, balance, rhythm, and technique. Every tiny thing he did just screamed "I'm the best player on this, and every other, field."

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