Филадельфийские орлы берут на себя Нью-йоркские гиганты на шестой неделе сезона НФЛ в 2018 году.

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30 Replies to “Орлы против Гигантов Неделя 6 Основные моменты | NFL 2018”

  1. It's been so hard to be a Giants fan as of late the only thing I'm actually excited about is actually having a pretty good running game especially since we havent had one in the past 10 or 15 years..

  2. Barkely is the go to guy, not Becky. He rarely gets 100 yrds. More like 60 a game. Why so much money for just a wideout? He's not Deion Sanders, who played Offense AND Defense. EARNED big bucks.

  3. Saquon was the right choice in the draft. Giants just gotta keep him and OBJ healthy and happy while they tank for a QB in the next draft. Hopefully the new O-line will solidify by next season.

  4. With a running back that can do all that you'd only need an average qb at the very least smh. Eli manning, most overrated qb back in his so called "prime". His brother Peyton? Possibly the most overrated qb in history.

  5. The problem with Eli is he can’t bless o line with mobility unlike Russell Wilson, he’s too old school and likes to chill and deliver, I think Eli can still play at a high level, just the o line has to be perfect, about 3-5 seconds of holding down each play

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