Зеленые Лучники DLSU Великие Джейсон Уэбб, Юнона Саулер, Мон Хосе и Тони Бой Эспиноса называют свои выборы для Всех Зеленых Лучников Начиная начиная с пяти

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36 Replies to “Легенды DLSU назвали своих «Зеленых лучников всех времен, начиная с 5» | Счет”

  1. Silverstar sports channel 4 /Studio 23 Era 👋🏿👋🏿👋🏿👋🏿👋🏿
    Point Guard —- Mike "THE COOL CAT" Cortez
    Shooting Guard —– The Rifle Man Ren – Ren Ritualo
    Small Forward —– Mugsy Magsumbol
    Power Forward —– Don Allado
    Center —— Mark Telan

  2. Most of la salle players are below tier stars in the pba, joseph yeo never reach the next step, don allado was decent but never dominant, ren ren ritualo lacked the all around game, mac cardona had the tools but had a short prime, mike cortez was below helterbrand and alapag , i dont know for me they lost interest after playing with la salle if became more of a bussiness to them instead of playing for the love of the game

  3. si REN REN RITUALO lang ata ung player ng la salle/PBA na nag scout ung mga NBA NG SHOOTER…first to him is ALLAN CAIDIC,,, super shooter ng philippine basketball,,,,wala ng ganun ngayon.

  4. Mon Jose belonged to a tradition of DLSU role players that played hard defense and all-out hustle with very high basketball IQ that gave you quality minutes. Orfrecio, Cardona, Cholo Villanueva and Montalbo to name a few belonged to this tradition.

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