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Киран Трипье показал, что его полуфинал Кубка мира по петле дал ему уверенность в том, что он разделяет обязанности свободного удара с товарищем по команде «Тоттенхэм» Кристианом Эриксеном.

Триппи был выдающимся исполнителем во время запоминающихся летних эксплойтов Англии, укутав несколько ярких выступлений с неизменно превосходной доставкой набора.

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33 Replies to “Киран Трипьер считает, что Англия может победить любого и выиграть Евро 2020!”

  1. Calm down son England have long way to go played pub side Panama who is Tunisia lost to Betec Belgium side lucky against columbia lost to real team Croatia don't get too big for your boots boy

  2. So many salty comments from underachievers on here. People that spend their lives undermining the achievements of others because there life achievements amount to nothing at all! Get a grip!!

  3. Got to the last 4 in the WC by default if you look at it objectivley. Let the hype build, public and press with apply the pressure and you will come home with your tails inbeteen your legs. Its a cycle we have seen over and over again. Its not coming home!!!!!!.

  4. This was this current squads first large tourny and on the biggest stage in the world. Many still young. This gave them a huge boost as many saw them as contenders when most thought they wouldnt make it past group. I see england making it to the semis at least.

  5. They can’t any team with any quality. Belgium, France, Croatia, Spain, Germany. They still do the same thing. When they’re under pressure boring long balls. They need someone in there who can pass. I would even try out Foden just to give him experience.

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