Деррик Роуз оценивает 50 очков за карьеру в Миннесоте Тимбервулвз в 128-125 победах против Юты Джаз. Роуз запустила ведро для Timberwolves и блокирует потенциальную игру, связывающую 3-указатель в последние секунды, чтобы обеспечить победу. После игры эмоциональная Роза обсуждает то, что выступление означает для него со слезами на глазах.

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48 Replies to “Деррик Роуз оценивает 50 против Джаза, становится эмоциональным в интервью после игры | Основные моменты НБА”

  1. I saw him in chicago and he was my favourite player after m.jordan. he was young he was weak but he was smart. But i had no doubt that he will become best player of Nba. Now i watch this video and see his game. I am glad that he plays well. Becouse he worse it. Always be in good mood, man.

  2. I gave D Rose a chance back at Bulls days but he didn't impressed me enough to follow his games. He just didn't pass the ball enough & then injuries after injuries.
    He thought his body had enough from his last injury; and so did most NBA teams. But not Minnesota. He cried not from just scoring 50. He cried cos there was so much going on until now. He worked so hard, trying/hoping not get injured again & he was grateful Minnesota still saw potential in him; gave him a chance/contract.
    And this game, he finally did prove to himself he can still do it. He proved to Minnesota fans he still can play and he prove to his friends & family that he can still keep going as long as he don't give up.
    Well done Rose. Keep it up

  3. Too many pussies on here act like they crying too with him.. Yal chasing likes frfr cause why text it. Unless u want a thumbs up yo axx…. Gtfoh salute to rose. He deserve to cry a little.. U nuggas just pathetic..

  4. I watched this amazed then looked at the score of both teams confused. how the hell one player scores 50 points and it’s still a close game?

  5. A great example to never give up… everyone thought his career was over when he left the bulls and became a journeyman, but now he’s setting career highs… a vintage D-Rose performance to remember for the ages!

  6. Yall really surprised an NBA professional STAR scores 50 points….its not like it was a d league player with cancer about to die …tall some real goofy fans

  7. I'm so emotional that millionaires that get paid to do what they are supposed to do actually do what they supposed to do…yall young generation so fucking weak

  8. What's up with him tho? There's this silent narrative about it like they're telling you this is amazing because what he's overcome and all, but they never tell you what it is.

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