Нью-йоркские гиганты берут на себя Каролинские пантеры во время 5-й недели сезона НФЛ в 2018 году.

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50 Replies to “Гиганты против Пантерса Неделя 5 Основные моменты | NFL 2018”

  1. Attrocious "unnecessary roughness" call by the referees at 14:09 of the 4th quarter, on a masterful display of defensive coordination by New York Giants' Landon Collins (21), Micheal Thomas (31), & Janoris Jenkins (20).

    (The NFL continues to go down its path of self-destruction, and fast… )

  2. Haha that penalty for personal foul on collins when he hit the receiver costed the giants the game. They made it seem like he did that on purpose but he was going for the ball and wasn't even looking at him

  3. Where is the last play of the game with 1 second remaining.

    NBC Sports play by play of last second:

    4th&- at Carolina 35
    (0:01) Graham Gano kicks off to the NYG-9 yards deep into endzone. Odell Beckham Jr. return for 26 yards to NYG17. Lateral to Elijhaa Penny for a loss of 3 yards to the NYG14. Lateral to Sterling Shepard for 27 yards to the NYG41. FUMBLE, recovered by NYG.

  4. Too many garbage quarterbacks in the league for me to say Eli sucks. He's playing well, not excellent but better than most. With that said, Flowers should have been benched 3 years ago lol. That O-line is horrible and their defense doesn't look like they like tackling a whole. Good game though, if not for the freak leg, they would have won.

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