Эксклюзивный закулисный визит Порто на Энфилд в Лиге чемпионов, где красные одержали победу со счетом 2: 0 благодаря голам от Наби Кейта и Роберто Фирмино.

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49 Replies to “Внутри Энфилда: Ливерпуль 2-0 ФК Порту | Энфилд в полный голос для визита в Порту”

  1. New chant for any fans against chelsea

    Da da da
    Da da da
    Da da da
    Da da da

    DA DA DA
    DA DA DA
    DA DA DA
    DA DA DA
    **repeat until the message is recived….

  2. Noooooooo you put the commentary back! These videos are good because you can hear the game and the atmosphere of anfield. The lfctv commentators shouting over the goals doesnt add anything. Please go back to the old format!

  3. makes you feel you got joy
    the whole world has turned to Liverpool .
    the viewers sitting on tv have increased by %90 Any match liverpool plays is great
    i get reminded of superb liverpool of 1980's and late 80's

  4. We would not have gotten this result without Firmino. A goal and an assist. IMO, the most important of the 3 up front. his work rate and skill is unbelievable.

  5. Come on guys we want to see more of the tunnel and players inside the tunnel, I watched fc bayern tv and they showed so much more , even inside the dressing rooms before the players came….we need to see more YNWA

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