если вы не смотрели бой – первая остановка засчитывается как сбивание с ног.
но Лома, хотя все кончено, и охрана поспешила кольцо
но судья выгнал их и сказал Ломе, что это еще не конец

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Василий Ломаченко показывает свою игру A + и забивает BRUTAL KO WIN
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41 Replies to “Василий Ломаченко показывает свою игру A + и забивает BRUTAL KO WIN”

  1. That was the best I've ever seen Lomachenko fight. I didn't even think he was that good then again it could be the opponent in front of him that made him look good. Also, I thought the ref was going to stop the fight but instead he was just calling a knockdown. Fight was so lopsided that I thought the ref was calling it because Lomachenko's opponent was really throwing anything back.

  2. When I watch fight last nite, honestly the first thought that flashed in my head was, Crolla goes down, we hear the Windows, Computer power off sound effect, followed shortly by a busted up Edson Barboza playin hos Bongo, then sometime before the credits roll we'd get at least 1 GGG "Big drama show".. I really shit the bed on this one, 1 for 3?!?! Man, this is number one bullshit

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