Кливленд Браунс берут на себя Оклендских рейдеров в течение 4-й недели сезона НФЛ в 2018 году.

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43 Replies to “Браунс против рейдеров Неделя 4 Основные моменты | NFL 2018”

  1. Browns won this game b***** but it don't matter they going places Cleveland is the s*** this year badass defense Baker Mayfield is there a new franchise quarterback and we going to win the afc North

  2. This game right here proves you worthless mothers rig games with your garbage, antique, and apparently blind referees for the sake of money. If youtube had a middle finger emogi, Id be using it right now…….. like allowing players to kneel for our great countries anthem wasn't enough. You people are a joke

  3. Shout out Tyrod Taylor. He's my favorite QB. I grew up with him so I knew he was going to be in the NFL or NBA. I would say he's been in this position before; ( that few have ),and climbed up out of it in due time.

  4. Browns just need a better coach. You can't blame us losing on refs. Because we all know they suck. You gotta play past refs. You gotta know when to go for it and when not too. But anyways, Go Browns! Let's get at the ravens today

  5. The browns found themselves a franchise Qb, the thing is they need better defensive backs and lineman to keep the scores down. They can win with the receivers they have but one more big name wouldn't hurt dez

  6. Dont get wrapped up in these hightlights.
    Because every time
    MAYFIELD throw the ball it was a completed pass.Dont be deceived.
    MAYFIELD did teribble his 2second start.
    MAYFIELD played 3 quarters against Jets so that's a start.

    Unlike the real game

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