Главный тренер Стив Сперриер и Орландо Аполлос устроили шоу в первой игре Альянса американского футбола (AAF) с пятью приземлениями


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31 Replies to “Альянс: Орландо Аполлос выиграл пять приземлений в дебюте”

  1. I’m curious as to why there is always this desire to have football leagues besides the NFL, but not alternate leagues in other sports? This has been going on since the 80s.

    Has there ever been an upstart pro baseball league? Basketball? Hockey?

  2. I love the fact that the Old Ball Coach whipped out the "Spurrier Special" – the same play that Gamecock QB Connor Shaw scored a receiving touchdown on vs. Wisconsin in the 2014 Capital One Bowl…four years before Philadelphia used it in the Super Bowl. I believe the play originated in the 1990s while he was at Florida.

  3. I been saying for years that the best way for another league to survive is to create a league just like the NFL. Maybe a few rule changes added for quicker games and more action, other than that they're the same. Think of it in terms of food products – you have name brands (NFL) and generic brands(AAF). Simply put generic just uses a little less quality of ingredients(players) but is still nutritional and most importantly is much cheaper than name brand. This league will be successful as long as they don't start making a bunch of stupid changes and just leave the recipe, that the NFL created, alone as much as possible!
    Also on a side note:
    Looks like Atlanta is getting another perennial losing team to add to the collection of Atlanta based teams that have never won the title in their league!! Ya yaee!
    Bunch a bullspit I tell ya!!

  4. Why the fuck do these white men let women be a part of a sport that is played by all men? if it's in the name of equality, then these women need to also be out there on the field playing with the men taking those monster hits, like the men do. The truth is they are not physically built to take it like men are. White men are a bunch of pussies when it come to controlling their women, to hell with females, men should be able to keep somethings for ourselves, without any input from women, who is obviously the weaker sex, point, blank, period.

  5. now THIS is how the NFL should do the replays.  there is no reason the ref should run over somewhere to look it.  someone should call it from up above and that's it. But this being a lady…doesn't look good when she waffles like she does.  LOL

  6. Those who put this league together learned nothing from the NFL and their FEMINIST infiltration. A woman play challenge judge ??? Nope won't watch! Hope it tanks! I thought it might be throw back league for men ….no political correctness .That would have been a HUGE HIT! Sadly weak stupid white guys have created a FLOP OF POLITICAL CORRECTNESS!

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